Club Officers


The President oversees meetings as “Chairperson”:

  • creates a supportive environment where members can achieve their targets towards their personal development plan,
  • ensures that all members benefit from the Toastmasters educational program,
  • encourages the continuation of the existing memberships and the attraction of new ones,
  • coordinates the officers towards a well-functioning group with the scope of properly fulfilling their roles as well as their further leadership skills development.

Vice President of Education

The Vice President of Education:

  • supports the President in developing a sustainable environment for all members to achieve their personal development goals,
  • creates/ supports programs (e.g. educational), for members to further train and develop themselves,
  • assists and informs members about their educational path,
  • configures (in cooperation with each member) the best personalized training program for all members.

Vice President of Members

The deputy officer for members is responsible for:

  • welcoming and informing the visitors of a meeting,
  • securing a strong membership base,
  • pursuing new registrations,
  • providing assistance to new members for the club’s registration process.

Vice President of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations coordinates public relations and advertising (communication with announcements, social media, events, successes of the group), activities, for the further development of the group, keeping existing members up-to-date and attracting potential new members  to the club.


The Secretary is responsible for organizing the club records and correspondence (list of members and visitors, meetings minutes etc.), functioning as the “right hand” of the President and assisting in the organization of officers meetings.


The Treasurer organizes the files related to the club finances including managing the funds (receipts – payments) and ensures that the club maintains its financial stability.


The  officer prepares the room for meetings, ensures the safety of the equipment held by the club (e.g. office equipment), collects and distributes voting ballots (unless there is a ‘voting counter’ role), welcomes members and visitors to each meeting. The official ‘welcomer’ of the club!


The Webmaster is responsible for the smooth operation and continuous updating of the club’s website and related social media, working with club officers to ensure that proper changes are agreed to and made.