Venue Search

Could you provide us with a space to have a meeting? Do you know of a space that we can ask to have a meeting at? If so, please contact us.

Toastmasters - Greece are looking for venues to have meetings at in the greater Athens area.

By providing us with a space, you will gain:

  • Advertisement for your venue at our members, our club webpages, social media, etc.
  • If it is a corporate space, you can invite your employees to the meeting so they can get to know Toastmasters. If you like what you see, you can consider founding a corporate Toastmasters club for the training of your employees, so they become more effective communicators and leaders.
  • Our gratitude. We are a non-profit educational organization.

Meetings in other Cities

If you are interested in a Toastmasters Club in a city that doesn't have one, contact us. We may be willing to organize such a meeting with you, especially if you can provide the space and bring some people.